Circus Maximus


Greetings from the new board!

June 1, 2023

In this letter you will find news about the new people of Circus Maximus and the board chosen by the Annual meeting.

Curator for the 2024 program selections

Circus Maximus' program selections for 2024 are made by Daniela Pascual Esparza. Daniela is an artist, curator, and cultural worker with a background in urban governance. She creates passages between these fields to explore other ways of being in the world. This can manifest as workshops, performances, curatorial or consultancy work.

Through her practice, Daniela tries to understand what shapes our imaginaries, how we connect with desire, and how this informs our choices and the ways we inhabit space at large. Her current research focuses on plants, mythology, policy-making, and oracular methods.

As curator of Circus Maximus’ 2024 programme, Daniela is interested in fostering conversations between different artists, artforms, and organisations. She is particularly excited about Circus Maximus’ experience in co-producing works that reflect and engage with urban environments, and she’s looking forward to contributing to the association’s structural efforts in supporting artists and making Helsinki’s art scene more sustainable in the long-term.

The new producer and board of Circus Maximus

Matilda Aaltonen started as a producer of Circus Maximus at the beginning of 2023. Matilda is a Helsinki-based dance artist who works as a performer, choreographer and producer. As a producer, she is interested in accessibility, equality and developing structures of the free art field.

The association's annual meeting chose a new board for the period 2023–2024. Anna Olkinuora was chosen as chairperson. The other board members are Maija Linturi (vice chair), Mercedes Balarezo Fernandez, Tari Lindén (missing from the picture), Aino Juutilainen (missing from the picture) and Onur Tayranoğlu. Welcome new board!

Website renewal

We will renew our website during the summer. Current website is unstable, sorry about that. The new pages will be ready in autumn 2023.

Summer holiday

The producer and board of Circus Maximus are on summer holiday during June.