Image of production Adventures in White Privilege

Adventures in White Privilege

Serenity:'s ok Alexia, don't panic... simply explain to the police that they need to leave you alone today - if you tell them about our art project meeting, I'm sure they'll understand and let you go!

Alexia: uhhhh I don't know how you think the police work...?

An audiowork based around biographical tales of travel – a comic / musical / sound installation journey through the streets of Helsinki following the experiences of three women as foreigners to the city.

Some continuums need disrupting – identifying and acknowledging privilege is the first step to confronting systemic racial bias.

50 minutes in the lives of 3 foreigners in Helsinki.

Created by Alexia Andrei, Marjorie H Morgan and Rosie Swayne

A site-specific audiopiece that begins in Oodi central library, and takes the listener on a narrated, musical wander around the railway station and surroundings, and finishes back in Oodi.

The listener first collects a map entitled "Adventures in White Privilege" from the brochure stand next to the info desk on the first floor of Oodi Central Library. The map includes a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone, which will open a link where the audiopiece can be either streamed or downloaded. The listener can then hear the track through headphones and follow the directions of the audiopiece and the map. The map should be returned to the brochure shelf in Oodi on completion of the piece.

For potential listeners who require the loan of headphones and/or mp3 player to access the piece, there will be a small number available on request at the info desk.

The piece is free of charge and will be launched at 3 PM on 24 September 2023 and will be available at any time during Oodi's opening hours until 24 October 2023.