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Wild Thing

Wild Thing - Performance with the city landscape

Wild Thing performance is a guided excursion that goes through the city landscape of Kalasatama leading the audience to explore the environment with their body and senses. Accompanied by an audio guide, the performance invites the participants to try out the material sensations, textures, colors, rhythms and echoes of the city landscape through movement, body and sensing. The participants are suggested to follow the landscape with questions and tasks that focus on perception and movement. Each participant can join the tasks in a way that feels comfortable. The excursion will move in the structures and streets of Kalasatama, becoming entwined with its architecture, materials, rhythms and circulating forces. The performance suggests a playful approach to being-with the city landscape, searching for glimpses of wildness.

What if we shifted our perception to a sensuous dialogue with the city landscape? Could we sense the slowly happening, visible and invisible processes in our everyday surroundings? Could we linger with the affective feeling of the materiality of the city landscape, and to listen to plurality?

Wild Thing is a multi-faceted performance project sketching manifestations of wildness and thingness. It is a place for practicing ecological sensitivity in a research-like process. The working group has been working since 2020, arranging different forms of performances in Helsinki and Turku. The project crosses the everyday world and speculative fantasy with gentle anarchy and punky spirit. It flirts with wildness by working with immaterial forces and mundane things and surroundings to queer the relationship to the known and recognizable. The project imagines beings that could be free from ratio-centered corporeality and where wildness could glimpse.

The excursion will start from Englanninaukio, next to Redi shopping mall, in front of an artwork called Väre. More details about the starting place will be sent to you via e-mail after your registration. The participants will be given headphones. The performance will be outside, please wear appropriate clothing.

The route is not entirely accessible. There is a small hill and a place with uneven ground and gravel. If you need assistance for moving, please let us know in the registration form in “Other information” -section

Working group: Heli Keskikallio, Taru Koski, Lotta Suomi, Miki Brunou and Emiliano Verrocchio

Production: Circus Maximus, Mad House Helsinki and Heli Keskikallio

Supporters: Finnish Cultural Foundation Uusimaa Regional Fund and Villa Lante - Institutum Romanum Finlandiae

Partners: REDI shopping mall