Image of production Walrus Vampire Show

Walrus Vampire Show

Pasi Mäkelä: Walrus Vampire Show

Vampire Walrus, who is supposedly gender-free, threatened close to extinction, has been forced to leave the melting northern pole and sustain itself as a performance artist in Central Europe.The world of The Walrus Vampire Show is found in the non-sense art (e.g. Lewis Carroll). It plays with aspects of stage art, off-off theatre, stand-up comedy, butoh dance, slapstick comedy, performance art, and fairytale theatre, combining Mäkelä's own and fictitious characters with and without warning.

The Walrus Vampire is a physical solo performance. The language of expression is partly based on previous long-term performance projects by Pasi Mäkelä (Uuno Turhabuto 2002-2006 and Tonttu 2013-2017), which were largely based on his studies of Japanese butoh dance, but it also takes the expression in to a fresh direction, toying with the contemporary performance art idioms. Performance is divided into choreographed sections with plenty of room for improvisation. The purpose is to make each presentation a bit different, so that the performance develops and lives somewhat in every time its performed.

The situation in the world seems to have gone completely absurd. This performance partly reflects the confusion of the individual and how it seems impossible to influence the course of things. The Walrus Vampire navigates in a blurry reality with a fuzzy logic, creating absurd stage thesis.

Pasi Mäkelä (b. 1975) is an Finnish conceptual artist, performer, choreographer, and musician living partly in Prague. His performance work is largely based on butoh, Japanese avantgarde dance phenomena that emerged in early 1960´s. Butoh is known for extreme physical approach to dance performance. Pasi has developed Finnish version of butoh. During past years he was been working actively on various performance and music projects in Finland, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.

Duration approx. 1h


 The fabulous Mursutar Klubi is hosted by Anais Vetemjöl & DJ Grönfors.

Every ticket includes a Welcome Walrus Drink and takes part to the Klubi-Tombola! DJ Grönfors & Anais Vetemjöl will host you through the evening with heart warming sound & taste experiences...